Burnley Cup

Burnley Cup or Piala Razak is a defunct youth football competition for under-19 players in Malaysia.

On 25 January 1961, Mr.Choo Seng Quee, Malaya national football team coach departed to England to study football training techniques. That trip was made under a personal arrangement by FAM president Tunku Abdul Rahman with a British Council bursary. When Mr. Choo Seng Que arrived in England, he was sent by the English Football Association as guests to Burnley F.C and Sheffield F football custom t shirts.C. After six-month coaching course in England, on 14 June 1961 when he was about to return to Malaya, he was awarded two trophies to be given to the FAM to hold local football match meat tenderizer cuber. The trophy is a Burnley cup for football match under 19 years old and also Sheffield cup for football match under 15 years old cool football uniforms.

Finally in 1973, the name of the Burnley Cup has been changed to the Razak Cup(malay:Piala Razak), named after Tun Abdul Razak commercial tenderizer, former FAM President and Malaysia Prime Minister.