Sanhe Tile Kiln


The Sanhe Tile Kiln (Chinese: 三和瓦窯 tenderization of meat; pinyin: Zhōngdōu Tángróng Zhuānyáochǎng) is a former tile manufacturing factory in Dashu District smartphone waterproof case, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The original building of the factory was established in 1918. The building used to be the Shunanhao Tile Kiln. It has even since undergone name changing twice, such as Yuan Shun-an Tile Kiln. In 2001, parts of the building was registered as historical site by the government.

The building is made of straw-mixed bricks leak free water bottle, red bricks and roof tiles fired in the kiln.

The former factory gives explanation on brick history, traditional brick production, ancient kiln style, brick community and creative development of bricks and tiles.

The former factory is accessible within walking distance north of Jiuqutang Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.