D. W. Waterson

Kristin Waterson, credited professionally as D. W. Waterson or by her stage name hey! dw, is a Canadian DJ, drummer, writer, director, and web series creator. She is known for her work as a performer and for creating and directing the award-winning web series That’s My DJ (2014–2017).

Waterson was born and raised in Innisville, Ontario

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, and later attended Ryerson University for film school. After film school, Waterson travelled to London, England, where she lived for three months to explore the blossoming EDM scene there. Following her trip, she settled in Toronto.

Waterson worked as a DJ, performer, and event promoter in Toronto for several years. She created a monthly event called Home Brew, which features herself and other local DJs. In addition to working in the music industry, Waterson worked as a post-production supervisor for Rhombus Media; she worked on the award-winning film Closet Monster in 2015. She has also directed various music videos.

Waterson released her first web series, That’s My DJ, in 2014. Waterson based some of the series on her own experiences as an out lesbian in the entertainment field. For her work on the series, she won awards for Best Director at the Vancouver Web Series Festival in 2017, and at the New York Television Festival in 2016. NOW Magazine called her series „well-produced unique football jerseys, well-acted, and well-written.“ Flare dubbed the series a „must-see—even if you’re not in the music scene.“

Waterson has released several singles under the stage name hey! dw, including the title track from That’s My DJ. In September 2017, she released a single called „Breathe“. Another single, „Things I Do“, premiered on October 25, 2017; the music video for this single also served as her debut music video.

In October 2017, Waterson embarked on a North American tour with Mystery Skulls hydration for running.

In 2016, Waterson penned an open letter to the CNE, condemning the festival for its lack of female musicians. In the letter, she wrote: „Let’s balance these numbers out and inspire a new generation of little girls that yes they too can be rockstars.“ CNE general manager Virginia Ludy responded to the letter, calling it „self-serving“ and denying that there is an issue, claiming that the CNE has „a lot of female performers.“