Special routes of U.S. Route 4

A total of at least five special routes of U.S. Route 4 have existed.

U.S. Route 4 Business (US 4 Business) is a 4.371-mile (7 grey football uniforms.034 km) alternate route of US 4 serving the city of Rutland and running north of US&nbsp waterproof purse;4.It begins at exit 6 of the US 4 expressway in West Rutland and heads north to Main Street in West Rutland center, where it meets the east end of VT 4A. US 4 Business turns east, following Main Street into the town of Rutland. In Rutland town, the road changes names to Rutland Road and intersects with VT 3 at the town center. About 0.3 miles (0.48 km) later, the road enters the city of Rutland, becoming West Street. US 4 Business briefly shifts north one block to use State Street before returning to West Street after half a mile non leaking water bottles. The route ends at an intersection with US 4 and US 7 in the center of the city.